Spanish Fig Cake (Metric)

Customary version of recipe

Yields 8 portions

Ingredient Amount
Dried figs, stemmed and quartered 500 ml.
Cloves, ground 1 ml.
Cinnamon, ground 2 ml.
Honey 15 ml.
Almonds, slivered, toasted 150 ml.
Sherry, divided use 30 ml. plus 5 ml.
Manchego, 5 mm. thick slices, about 170 g. 16 slices


  1. Place the figs in a food processor fitted with the steel blade and chop finely, pulsing for about 1 minute. Add the spices and honey and blend until combined, about 30 seconds, or until the mixture forms a ball. Add the almonds and process until coarsely chopped and combined with the figs, about 1 minute. Add 30 ml. of the sherry and process until the mixture sticks together, about 1 minute.
  2. Moisten your hands with 5 ml. of sherry and shape fig mixture into a 13 by 8 cm. log. Wrap in a 30- by 30-cm. sheet of parchment paper, then plastic, and place in a 13 by 8 by 5cm. loaf pan, or another nonreactive container that will accommodate the fig mixture. Place a second loaf pan on top of the log to compress it into a firm cake, and allow to set for 2 days at room temperature.
  3. Slice the cake into thin slices about 5 mm. thick. Serve with the slices of Manchego.

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Recipe credit: Sondra Bernstein for Valley Fig Growers, as presented at the Worlds of Flavor International Conference & Festival. Published with permission of the author. All rights reserved. Presented at the World Marketplace on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2006.

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