Mini-Escalivada with Romesco Sauce (Metric)

Customary version of recipe

Yields 8 portions

Ingredient Amount
Salt, divided use 12.5 ml.
Baby potatoes, halved (about 14 oz.) 8 ea.
Olive oil, extra virgin, divided use 150 ml.
Baby artichokes, trimmed, cut in half, choke removed, (about 1 pound) 8 ea.
Lemon, halved 1 ea.
Baby zucchini, with flowers cut in half lengthwise (about 6 oz.) 8 ea.
Small onions, peeled, halved and wrapped in foil (about 1 pound 13 oz.) 8 ea.
Baby eggplants (about 11 oz.) 8 ea.
Spring onions (about 2 pounds 12 oz.) 24 ea.
Green or white asparagus stalks, trimmed (about 1 pound 4 oz.) 24 ea.
Miniature red peppers (about 6 oz.) 8 ea.
Miniature green peppers (about 6 oz.) 8 ea.
Green beans (about 10 oz.) 40 ea.
Wild mushrooms (about 12 oz.) 32 ea.
Black pepper, freshly ground 5 ml.
Ibérico or Serrano lard, or slab bacon 8 slices
Romesco 600 ml.


  1. Bring 2 liters of water and 2.5 ml. of salt to a boil over high heat. Drop the potatoes into the boiling water and boil until a paring knife slips in and out out of a potato easily, about 10 minutes. Drain, pat dry with paper towels, and brush with 30 ml. of oil.
  2. Prepare the artichokes. Fill a bowl with 960 ml. of water and squeeze the juice of the lemon into it. Cut the top 1 cm. off each artichoke and remove the fibrous outer leaves until you reach the inner lighter leaves. Use a paring knife to peel the dark green skin fom the base and stem of each artichoke. Slice eah in half and drop into the lemon water until ready to cook.
  3. Make the escalivada. Prepare a medium-hot grill. Drain the artichokes. Brush all the vegetables with 120 ml. of olive oil and sprinkle with 10 ml. of salt and 5 ml. of pepper. Wrap the zucchini with foil to protect the flowers from the heat. Grill the vegetables (turning them regularly until charred and tender and removing them as they finish cooking), in the following orger: the foil-wrapped onions for 20 minutes, the artichokes for 10 minutes, the eggplants, potatoes, and spring onions for 8 minutes, and the asparagus, zucchini, miniature red and green peppers, green beans, and mushrooms for 5 minutes.
  4. Cook the lard slices in a medium-size skillet over medium heat until light golden brown, 4 to 5 minutes per side. Drain on paper towels; the slices will crisp as they cool. Serve the grilled vegetables with the lard on top and serve the romesco sauce over the top or on the side.

Additional tips

If a large quantity is being made, bind the sauce in a blender.

Recipe credit: Nando Jubany, as presented at the Worlds of Flavor International Conference & Festival. Published with permission of the author. All rights reserved. Presented at Kitchen Workshop I on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2006.

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